Is Baby Oil Good for Your Skin? Yes, Here Are 8 Ways to Use It

Baby oil is a decades-old baby essential that has been peddled as a miracle cure for everything from dry skin to cradle cap. But in more recent years, parents and non-parents have been asking the question, “Is baby oil good for your skin?” Not only that, but the obvious follow-up has also been raised, questioning that if it is beneficial to the skin what other purposes might it serve.

Is Baby Oil Good for Your Skin?

While the jury is still out according to some, the reality is that baby oil is essentially just a cosmetic-grade mineral to which fragrance is typically added to give it that “baby smell.” As mineral oil is commonly used for the skin and has been for quite some time, baby oil can also be considered a beneficial substance for the skin. In fact, baby oil has a number of benefits and uses, including moisturizing the skin, preventing irritation, decreasing itching and flaking, and improving shine and appearance of hair among others.

Uses for Baby Oil

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Not only is the answer to the question is baby oil good for your skin a resounding “yes,” but one can also use the oil in a variety of different ways to treat and beautify the skin. The product’s safety is well-established by its continued use over the years as well as a variety of studies confirming it to be non-irritating. Consider these uses for baby oil to care for and beautify your skin.

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1. Cleansing Agent

As unusual as it might sound, oil is actually a very effective cleansing agent. While it may appear that oil and skin don’t go together, the fact is that baby oil and other cleansing oils actually contain several hydrating and soothing agents. So they are often less irritating than traditional cleansers available on the market. Likewise, oil actually functions to absorb oil, so baby oil is actually more effective for efficiently removing dirt and leaving the skin fresh and clean.

To best use this cleanser, you’ll want to follow the oil cleansing method, which involves two steps. First apply the oil over dry skin, rubbing gently and rinsing with warm water. Then apply the oil over wet skin, lathering your face until the oil forms a light, milky consistency. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. As you have just cleansed your skin with a moisturizing agent, there is generally no need to reapply an additional moisturizer expect in particularly dry areas.

2. Shaving Cream

Baby oil is also a very effective replacement for your typical shaving cream. Again the benefit with this treatment is that the oil functions two-fold – to lubricate the skin for shaving and to hydrate and lock moisture in. Many individuals find that they even get a closer, smoother shave when using baby oil instead of shaving cream, gel, or soap.

To use baby oil as shaving cream and determine is baby oil good for your skin, wash your legs with soap and warm water to soften the hair you want to shave. Pat your legs dry and then smooth a small amount of oil over your legs, being sure to get a thin coating on all of the areas you intend to shave. Clean your hands with soap and warm water to make sure you can grip your razor firmly, and then carefully guide your razor over your legs, shaving like you normally would.

3. Makeup Remover

Stubborn makeup can be difficult to remove, and many traditional makeup removers are harsh and irritating. Baby oil, however, is effective for safely and effectively removing even the most stubborn makeup without causing irritation. Plus, it has the added benefit of sealing in moisture as it clears away makeup to eliminate the need to have multiple products for cleaning and moisturizing.

Remove your makeup with baby oil by dabbing a small amount of oil onto a clean cotton ball. Gently wipe the cotton ball over your makeup, making several sweeping motions, until you’ve successfully removed all of your makeup. This method is particularly effective for removing eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara without irritating the delicate skin around the eyes.

using baby oil

4. Cuticle Moisturizer

If you’ve ever gotten a manicure and considered investing in an expensive cuticle oil to maintain the look yourself, don’t Just reach for the baby oil you probably already have on your bathroom shelf anyway. Baby oil is just as effective for moisturizing your cuticles, and it’s much less expensive than the other stuff.

Gently massage baby oil around your cuticles prior to repainting them. The oil should soften them enough that you can use a manicure tool and gently push back any up growth of your cuticles. Plus, the oil doubles to prevent paint from sticking to your cuticles if you have any slips while you are painting them. You can also use baby oil on your hands and cuticles between manicures to keep them looking their best.

5. Lip Moisturizer

Not only is baby oil good for your skin, but it is also great for your lips. Your lips comprise some of the most sensitive skin on your body, so finding an effective moisturizer for them is especially important. Baby oil functions to soften the skin on your lips, helping to remove dry, dead skin. It also locks in moisture to keep your lips looking and feeling their best.

To maximize your lip benefit from baby oil, create a soothing lip scrub. Combine 1 teaspoon of baby oil with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Gently rub the mixture into your lips and wash or wipe away any excess. Repeat each night to keep dry skin at bay and leave your lips feeling soft and smooth.

6. Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are a common skin ailment and occur most frequently during pregnancy. While the marks are typically harmless and fade over time, most women want to expedite the process, and baby oil can help. The oil helps rejuvenate the skin and restores moisture that may have contributed to the issue in the first place.

To fade stretch marks with baby oil, simply rub baby oil over the affected area each night before bed. The moisturizing agents in baby oil in combination with the circulation-improving massage should help stretch marks fade from the abdomen, thighs, and legs.

7. Bubble Bath

If you enjoy a luxurious bubble bath every now and again, then you should try switching out your favorite bath for a baby oil treatment. The mineral oil in baby oil functions to replenish and protect dry skin as well as hold in moisture. It is also free of many chemicals and other drying agents that are often present in commercial bubble bath products.

Make your own bubble bath by putting a small amount of baby oil in an empty bottle. Add your favorite essential oils or perfume and shake vigorously. Draw your bath as you normally would and pour the mixture into the warm water. (Be sure to clean the tub with an effective cleanser afterward to remove any oil residue and avoid falls.)

8. Facial Moisturizer

Even if you’re not using the oil cleansing method recommended above, you can enjoy the benefits of baby oil for your skin by using it as a facial moisturizer after your favorite cleanser. The mineral oil in baby oil restores the natural radiance and moisture to your skin and is much more cost effective than most other moisturizers available.

Simply cleanse your face as you normally would and then massage a small amount of baby oil into your skin. Be sure to concentrate the oil in areas that are particularly dry. Within a few uses, you should notice your skin looking and feeling more supple and hydrated.

Summing Up

If you’ve been one of the many who are wondering if baby oil good for your skin, then wonder no more. Baby oil has many extensive benefits for the skin and can be used in a variety of different ways to moisturize, soothe, and restore the skin. In many cases, it is also a great, cost-effective replacement that replaces other more expensive and less beneficial beauty and hygiene items.

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