Genucel Reviews, Ratings, and More

If you’re looking for the best anti-aging skin care, you may have come across Genucel reviews.There is a certain self-confidence that comes from having firm, smooth skin, and many people want to keep that youthful glow as long as possible.

It’s important to find a skin care line that will offer everything your skin needs to stay healthy and prevent premature aging.

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What is the Genucel Skin Care Line?


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Chamonix owns the Genucel skin care line, and they produce products that specifically have anti-aging properties.

They have a variety of products for different parts of the face and that have different uses, but most who know the company know them for their eye cream.

This is a common target for anti-aging creams because the skin around the eyes is fragile and most susceptible to wrinkling.

You will learn from most Genucel reviews that this is a subscription-based skin care company.

They require you to sign up for one of three skin care packages that range from two basic products to seven products. Each package is expensive, but the middle package with four skin care products is the best value for your money.

When you make a purchase, you agree to let Genucel charge your card every two months so they can continue to send you more products. This means that if you no longer want to receive products, you need to contact the company to cancel your subscription.

Their terms and conditions state that they aren’t liable for any overdrafts or fees with each charge, so make sure you keep an eye on your account.

How It Works

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While Chamonix’s Genucel doesn’t offer much information about the ingredients in their skin care line, they do advertise what the key ingredients do for the skin.

One is Eyeseryl, and clinical trials showed that a 1 percent concentration reduced under-eye puffiness in 15 days. Genucel uses a 2 percent concentration in their products, so they claim that 95 percent of volunteers saw an improvement in their skin.

Another ingredient is PhytoCellTec, which comes from stem cells in a rare kind of Swiss apple. Genucel reviews state that this tightens the skin to make it look younger.

The rest of the ingredients are common in other skin care products. This includes green tea leaf extract, algae extract, and goji berry extract. Be sure to examine each of the ingredients to ensure you won’t experience negative side effects, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Genucel terms and conditions state that the FDA has not tested their products or promoted them. While this sounds concerning at first, you should know that the FDA doesn’t have to approve cosmetic products before going onto the market.

Because these products work topically to nourish the skin, they don’t require testing the same way that skin-altering drugs and medical devices do.

About Each Genucel Product

Now that you know about the company and its ingredients as a whole, you can then delve into the different Genucel products. While most Genucel reviews focus on the Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream, this is only one product among the whole lineup. This is the most popular product, but you should take the time to learn about the others.

The Essentials package contains two Plant Stem Cell Therapy creams, as well as one container of Immediate Effects. The Promotional package includes the same as the Essentials. But it also includes the XV and Eyelid Treatment. You can find every Genucel product in the Complete package, as well as two other Chamonix brand products.

Plant Stem Cell Therapy

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As previously stated, the Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream is the most popular of all the products from Genucel, and Genucel reviews frequently focus on this one.

You apply this cream around the eyes to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you smooth and healthy skin. They do this with Eyeseryl and PhytoCellTec, as well as the other aforementioned ingredients.Green tea extract contains antioxidants that reduce the effects of free radicals, and it also has caffeine that helps tighten the skin naturally. The goji berry is rich in vitamin C. This tightens and smooths the skin. The cream also contains hydrolyzed collagen, which they state is a natural peptide that promotes youthful skin.For a full list of ingredients, check out their website.If you want to try this cream on its own without subscribing, you can also find it on eBay for a lower price than an entire package. However, it’s still expensive for a 5-ounce bottle. It has limited customer reviews, but the ones on eBay give it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.Most Genucel reviews state that they noticed a difference in the skin around their eyes. However, some experienced dry, peeling skin, which may happen if you have sensitive skin.

Immediate Effects

genucel immediate effects

Genucel Immediate Effects is another eye cream that pairs well with the Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream, which is why they make up the Essentials package.

Its ingredients temporarily relax the skin and muscles around your eyes to reduce the appearance of bags and wrinkles.

The company claims that this doesn’t have any negative side effects. Also, they say it generally lasts for 15 to 24 hours after you apply it

It contains sesame oil, which is rich in vitamin E and protects your skin. It has other ingredients that smooth and boost hydration in the skin. For best results, use this cream daily with the Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reliable customer reviews for this product.

Genucel XV

genucel xv

Genucel XV is a moisturizer that the company claims improves the circulation in your skin.

They use peptides that bring a radiant glow back to the face so you don’t have to deal with dull skin again. Peptides help repair and renew skin cells for a more youthful look.They also include antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and hyaluronic acid that increase collagen production and moisture retention.

You can also find jojoba oil in the ingredients list. This is a great moisturizer because it most closely resembles the oil our skin naturally produces.

However, both the XV and Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream contain disodium EDTA, which can be harmful in excess. Be sure to double-check the ingredients list on other products you use to ensure you don’t overexpose yourself.We were unable to find reliable customer reviews for XV.

Eyelid Treatment

genucel Eyelid Treatment

Last of all, the final product in the Genucel lineup is the Eyelid Treatment. This product is supposed to fight saggy eyes and wrinkles to give you a fresh look. It’s no surprise that tired, saggy eyes can create an aged appearance. So many try to combat this look.Some people tend to forget that the delicate skin around their eyes needs some TLC too, so this cream is here to help. They use peptides that firm, tighten, and lift the skin for a youthful look. This increases skin renewal as well, which naturally slows the older you get.

The ingredients list includes safflower oil that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but it also has disodium EDTA. Once again, make sure each of the ingredients is safe for your skin before you use any skin care product.This product also lacks reliable customer reviews.

What to Look for in Genucel Reviews

Reviews are always important, especially for new skin care lines that come onto the market. You can find Genecel reviews on the company website, but it’s also important to look in other sources as well. Companies want reviews to support their claims, and many will only use positive reviews on their website.

Even some customer reviews can be misleading. There are several positive Genucel reviews online, but some of them only gave the good rating because the order was easy, and they were excited to try the product. Not every good rating stated that the product actually worked for them.

Eye Cream For Dark Circles, Eye Bags & Crows Feet

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The best Genucel reviews will acknowledge this and do all the research necessary to help you decide if you should try the product. We examined both the company website and customer reviews across the web to give you the most trustworthy information possible. We even researched the product ingredients so you can know what to look for.

All of this research is to make your search easier. You can make a decision faster if most of the information is in one location, and that’s what we strive to do.

How Does Genucel Compare to Other Skin Care Brands?

Perhaps the most important question you can ask after examining Genucel reviews is how these products compare to other great skin care companies.

Genucel is not the only skin care brand on the market, so you shouldn’t limit your options. Great shoppers know that they should look for the best bang for their buck, which means you need to look at the competition as well.

Some highly-rated competitors for anti-aging cream include LilyAna Naturals, Pure Biology, and Kleem Organics.

LilyAna Naturals

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LilyAna Naturals offers their Rosehip and Hibiscus Eye Cream for a fraction of the price of Genucel products. It has thousands of reviews and thousands that are positive, so this 1.7-ounce container has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The company claims that it brightens, firms, hydrates, and lifts the skin around your eyes. It can even out your skin tone as well, giving you a radiant look that you’re confident in. It’s gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, and it’s light enough to wear under makeup every day.

When it comes to ingredients, this product is 77 percent organic. It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. It doesn’t contain parabens, artificial color or fragrances, or any other potentially harmful material. Instead, you’ll find rosehip seed oil, organic hibiscus flower extract, vitamins C and E, and many other beneficial ingredients.

There are so many customers that state that the product works for them and that the customer service is great. However, some have received cream that had mold growing in it. As always, do your own research to make sure this is the product for you.

Pure Biology

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Pure Biology is another company that has a large number of reviews and highly-rated products. Their Total Eye Cream has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it comes at half the price of the Genucel competition. However, the bottle only contains one ounce of product.

The company formulated this eye cream to add firmness, brightness, and protection to the delicate skin around your eyes. Like other skin care brands, you’ll recognize many of the ingredients they use to accomplish this.

The ingredients list includes hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, shea butter, aloe oil, argon oil, and caffeine. This product is also free of parabens, fragrances, GMOs, and cruelty.

Several customers saw a difference in their skin after using the Total Eye cream, although one product won’t work for everyone. Some customers even experienced clogged pores under their eyes. Some oils are aggravating to different skin types, which can reduce the benefits of the eye cream.

If this cream has ingredients that have previously aggravated your skin, try a different formula. If it all checks out, this may be the best anti-aging eye cream for you.

​Kleem Organics

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Kleem Organics has its Firming Eye Cream that is another competitor to Genucel products. It has hundreds of reviews that give it a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This product comes in a 0.51-ounce bottle, so this is the smallest bottle of the competition, though it’s similar in price to LilyAna Naturals.

Kleem Organics specifically states that their target audience is men and women over 40 years of age that are busy and don’t sleep as well as they want. They claim that this natural anti-aging eye cream will reduce the look of tired eyes by erasing dark circles, puffiness, bags, and wrinkles.

They use similar ingredients to Genucel’s Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream. Kleem Organics uses hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, caffeine, amino acids, green tea, and vitamin E.

There are hundreds of positive reviews from surprised customers that experienced great results. They saw smoother bags most noticeably, but there are others that saw other positive results. The worst negative reviews only stated that it didn’t work for them and that they had hoped for some results for the price.

Examine Genucel Reviews for the Best Anti-Aging Skin Care for You

If you’re curious about the Genucel anti-aging skin care line, Genucel reviews are a great place to start. They make it easier for you to learn about the company and find reliable sources for additional information. In turn, this makes it easier for you to decide if the products are worth your time and money.There are other competitors out there that use similar ingredients, so it’s up to you to decide which is the best for your skin. With a bit of research, you can reduce the fine lines and puffiness around your eyes and feel more confident.What are your thoughts on the company and products after examining Genucel reviews? Let us know in the comments section.

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