The Pros and Cons of Chemical Peel

someone applying a face mask on a woman at a spa

Maybe you’ve heard more and more people talking about the benefits of chemical peels. At the same time, there are also plenty of people that complain about this procedure. Either because it hasn’t offered them the expected results, or because it has caused them some sort of skin damage. The truth is somewhere in the middle. … Read more

Skin Lightening Treatments to Try If You Want a Younger Brighter Skin

skin lightening

Skin lightening is, as the name suggests, a procedure that you can use to make your skin lighter. You might be wondering how this is possible. Well, the active ingredients in products designed for skin lightening work to reduce your skin’s melanin production. Melanin is that pigment that provides our skin with color, all the … Read more

What Are the 5 Skin Types and How to Take Proper Care of Your Skin Type

skin types

The truth is knowing your skin type is really important if you want to make sure you are taking care of your skin properly. We have to admit, it can be quite confusing to hear about sensitive, dry, oily, or combination skin types. Which one is yours and how can you find this out? More … Read more

The Long Term Effects of Hyaluronic Acid Injections

syringe with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid injections, also known as hyaluronic acid fillers, are among the most compatible with the human body. They are a popular choice for those who seek a temporary fix to the effects of aging, scarring, and other skin imperfections. Most plastic surgeons recommend them when a patient is not quite ready for a surgical … Read more

How to Even Skin Tone: Solutions for a Consistent Look

how to even skin tone on face

Dermatologists are bombarded daily with this centuries-old question: how to even skin tone? Unfortunately, this question puts them in great difficulty since there is no surefire way of alleviating uneven skin coloring. The most effective method mainly depends on what is causing the uneven complexion in the first place. These causes can include excessive and/or unprotected sun … Read more

How to Get Rid of Chicken Skin: Keratosis Pilaris Explained

how to get rid of chicken skin naturally

How to get rid of chicken skin? Well, there are plenty of ways to treat this condition that are more or less effective. It’s true that some have longer-lasting effects than others, but all of them are temporary. But before jumping into the best ways to treat chicken skin, let’s see what this affection is … Read more

How to Remove Freckles: Methods and Costs

how to remove freckles from face

How to remove freckles depends on each and every individual. That’s because there is no method that will work 100% in all cases. Freckles are small, dark spots on the skin that can have tints of yellow, red, tan, brown, or black. They usually get darker during summertime and lighter in the winter months. They … Read more