Mederma: Reviews, Ratings, & More


Mederma products are probably the most well-known over-the-counter scar reduction treatments today, with some clinical trials suggesting that they minimize scar appearance in around 80 percent of users.  Meanwhile, they come in various topical formulations such as lotion, cream, and gel, with the ideal one depending on your skin type and even the climate. Here … Read more

What’s The Best Face Moisturizer For Men? Top 10 Revealed

a set of skin care products including the best face moisturizer for men

What’s the best face moisturizer for men out there? Even though moisturizers have traditionally been for women, there are many innovations in men’s moisturizers these days. Men need the same thing in a face moisturizer that women do, but they also need something different. Everyone needs healthy skin, but most men’s facial skin is thicker … Read more