IPL Hair Removal: What to Expect from the Procedure?

IPL hair removal treatment

IPL hair removal has been around for almost 20 years. The technology was first developed to treat a series of vascular conditions, dry eyes, or dysfunctions of the Meibomian gland. However, scientists quickly discovered that intense pulsed light treatments have a series of cosmetic benefits. Doctors can now successfully treat aging, scarring, dyschromia, acne, or … Read more

CO2 Laser Resurfacing: What to Expect from this Procedure?

CO2 laser resurfacing results

CO2 laser resurfacing treats wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, warts, and other superficial skin issues. Those who underwent a skin lift and have non-responsive skin can also benefit from this procedure. Although efficient, these procedures also pose a set of disadvantages. The biggest one is the long recovery time with plenty of restrictions. They also involve risks … Read more

Heat Rash Treatment: Solutions and How to Apply Them

heat rash treatment woman scratching

There are a lot of types of skin rashes that look bad and feel even worse. But one of the most common ones is the so called heat rash, prickly heat, or miliaria. And it hits precisely when we crave to feel as comfortable as possible, in the summer. No wonder we want to find … Read more