StriVectin Reviews: Our In-depth Look

As we age, the skin on our hands and face typically show the signs of age faster than other skin. Our hands and our faces are exposed to the sun and the elements more often than any other parts of our body. That’s why StriVectin has become so popular in recent years as people look for ways to tighten the skin on their face and neck and improve the skin on the back of their hands. StriVectin reviews show that this product really does have promise in helping to reverse the signs of aging in the skin and minimize the look of wrinkles, lines, crepey texture, and sagging.

StriVectin also helps to get rid of the sagging and stretch marks, much of which comes through the process of giving birth. Many people have thought that these marks are simply irreversible, yet a quick search through StriVectin reviews shows that it’s working for many. Will this product work for you? How does it compare with other similar products that attempt to minimize the look of aging skin or get rid of bags, stretch marks, and other unwelcome skin issues? We’ve taken a look at the reviews and put together a comparison to help you make the best decision for your skin.

What Is StriVectin?

StriVectin was invented 10 years ago as a formula for getting rid of stretch marks. It wasn’t long before both users and manufacturers began to see the possibilities when it came to eliminating other skin issues as well. The product is a topical solution. The user rubs the solution into wrinkles or other areas twice a day for several weeks after which point StriVectin reviews indicate that most people begin to see a difference.

Product Specs

StriVectin works at the cellular level. It promotes the regeneration of the cells in the outer skin layer. As these skin cells regenerate with fresh, new material, stretch marks, wrinkles, and even scars begin to fade. The product is not particularly moisturizing, but that’s not what it’s intended for. Most users will benefit from also using regular moisturizing cream in their beauty regime.

The cream is most often used on the face, on the neck, and on the hands. It can also be used on any part of the body where stretch marks appear. Interestingly, though it was initially developed to target stretch marks, StriVectin reviews show that it is actually more useful in combating wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. This product is appropriate for both men and women concerned with the appearance of aging skin.


StriVectin products can be purchased across a wide range of budgets. Expect to pay in a range between $ for the very smallest tubes and $​$$ for larger packs. The price range of this product frequently turns away new users, but many will later give it a try after reading enough StriVectin reviews and even having it directly recommended by dermatologists. A good number of those who try it highly recommended, despite the cost. Some people feel that they can get similar results with less expensive products. In the end, this is a personal decision that will depend on each person’s budget and skin needs.

StriVectin Reviews and How it Compares

We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare. We take a look at the reviews in the science behind each one. We compare them based on price as well. Most importantly, we looked at the end results you can expect from each one, and which type of skin issue each one is most recommended for. In addition to StriVectin reviews, we’ve taken a look at the reviews and specs of the following products:

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StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate

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  • Ease of Use
  • Time Until Results
  • Quality 

It doesn’t get any easier to use than this light cream. Simply apply the cream to problem areas of the skin both in the morning and again at night before bed. The only reason we do not give it five stars is that in looking through StriVectin reviews we note that a number of reviewers have to add a moisturizer to this product.

Most reviewers comment that they begin to see results almost immediately. In fact, some reviewers doubted what they were seeing and thought their impression was entirely a psychosomatic response because they expected something to happen. Several of these attempted the “half face test” in which the product is put only on one half of the face for a while and the two sides of the face compared after a few days. They report a noticeable difference in toning and color after just a day or two.

To see changes in wrinkles and stretch marks, expect to use the product for a few weeks first. Expect to see changes in wrinkles after 2 to 8 weeks of regular use.

This is arguably the best product on the market for this purpose. It comes recommended by dermatologists and by the many StriVectin reviews available online and elsewhere. Our research shows that the majority of reviewers, well over 70%, find the product to be useful in doing what it claims. Some with deep wrinkles may need to use it longer before they see a change, and the product has always been less effective for stretch marks than for wrinkles and toning.


  • Works well to eliminate the effects of skin aging
  • Works quickly for most people
  • Easy to apply and keep up with the beauty regime
  • Does not appear to have any long-term negative effects even with regular use


  • Those with dry skin may need to add a moisturizer to their routine
  • Expensive product, especially for regular use
  • Not as effective on stretch marks
  • Some reviewers report an allergy to the cream


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Tri-LASTIN-SR has been particularly developed with stretch marks in mind. The product targets the top layer of the skin to promote regeneration of the cells in the collagen and elastin layers. By doing so, the uppermost layer becomes thicker. Over time, this reduces the look of stretch marks and scars. The product works on all types of skin and all colors of skin and is hypoallergenic. The product is unscented and free of parabens. It features a patented “Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System” designed to promote the slow release of all the active ingredients over time after application.

  • Ease of Use
  • Time Until Results
  • Quality 

This product is simple to use and should be applied twice a day. It is important to wash and dry the area before application, which some users may find tedious. The manufacturer also recommends applying an “accelerator” to see faster results. The product is moisturizing, so it’s not necessary for most people to apply a second moisturizer.

This product takes a bit longer to work than other products that we looked at. They recommend waiting at least three weeks before noticing any change, and we notice that some reviewers were inclined to give up because it was taking too long. We can say, however, that the company is very clear and honest about this issue and does recommend that users wait up to four months before they see really excellent results.

This product is well-liked by reviewers and nearly 70% claim to notice a difference with regular and sustained use. Most reviewers comment that the product cannot completely take away stretch marks. It does, however, make a definite difference to the color and extent of stretch marks. It should be noted that this product is not billed as a wrinkle reducer, nor is it suggested that it will have much effect on the hands. This makes it less versatile than StriVectin.


  • Works well on stretch marks with enough time and regular use
  • Less expensive than some others on this list
  • Simple to use
  • Does not require an additional moisturizer


  • Not effective on wrinkles or aging skin on the back of the hands
  • Takes longer to see results than with StriVectin
  • Despite claims to be hypoallergenic, a few reviewers report rash reactions to this product

CeraVe Special Use Cream

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This product uses ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil to minimize the appearance of stretch marks by repairing and restoring the topmost layer of skin. It is hypoallergenic and has no fragrance. It includes no gluten, parabens, or phthalates, but it does contain glycerin, purified water, and Cetearyl alcohol. The full ingredient list is quite extensive, and it is possible that some users could have an allergic reaction to one of its ingredients. The product manufacturer provides less information about how the cream works and what’s in it than other products that we reviewed.

At the same time, it is not a twice a day cream. In fact, the manufacturer recommends using it as often as desired. This could mean that users go through a bottle far faster than with other types of wrinkle and stretch mark relief creams, which in the end would make this product less of the savings then it may first appear.

  • Ease of Use
  • Time until Results
  • QUality 

The product is simple to apply, but because it is to be applied as often as the user likes, it’s hard to say exactly how often one should apply it in order to see results.

Several reviewers report seeing results within just a day or two of daily use. Other reviewers report seeing no results at all. The upshot seems to be that the product works best when stretch marks have newly formed but may be less effective on older stretch marks. If you do have newly formed stretch marks, you should expect to see results very quickly with this product.

It is difficult to find many reviews of this product online. However, it does have a loyal fan base of people who have seen real results, but it has more negative reviews than some other products on this list. It apparently just does not work for quite a few people who try it.


  • Works quickly for newly formed stretch marks
  • Can be used as frequently as desired
  • Less expensive than other products we reviewed


  • Does not work for older stretch marks or for wrinkles or other signs of aging skin
  • Mechanism of action is not well understood
  • Some reviewers report an allergic reaction, including celiacs, despite claims to be gluten-free

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

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This product works a bit differently from other products we reviewed. Its first mechanism of action is to reduce inflammation of the skin. It then works to increase elasticity through an increase in collagen production. It contains four unique active ingredients. one has been scientifically shown to make skin measurably thicker, while another is a relatively powerful anti-inflammatory. The other two ingredients are believed to boost collagen synthesis, but there is little objective laboratory evidence that this is the case.

This product is recommended by the editors of Fit Pregnancy and Parents Expecting and is hypoallergenic.

  • Ease of Use
  • Time Until Results
  • Quality 

This product is also rubbed into the skin in the morning and the evening. It is also moisturizing and needs no added moisturizer even for those with dry skin.

This product seems to work quite quickly. Most people who use it faithfully can expect to see results in about a month.

This product is well reviewed by both experts and individual users. It does what it claims to do and does it quickly. In fact, the only real negative is that the product is not useful for any other signs of aging and so is not quite as versatile as StriVectin.


  • Visibly reduces the severity and color of stretch marks
  • Works quickly
  • Genuinely hypoallergenic
  • Well reviewed by experts and individual users
  • Less expensive than some other products we reviewed


  • Not as inexpensive as Cerave
  • Not as versatile for skin issues as StriVectin


All of these products will help some people. Some of them will be better in certain situations than others. If your stretch marks are relatively new and you want to save as much money as possible, we recommend giving Cerave a try. You should know within a few days whether it’s going to make any difference, and if it does not, you haven’t sunk too much money into the product. If you want proven results for eliminating stretch marks, you can’t do better than Skinception.

Our look through StriVectin reviews and reviews of other products make it clear that if you’re looking for a product that will deal not only with stretch marks but also with other signs of skin aging, we have to recommend StriVectin. Whichever you choose, get started on looking your best today!

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