8 Best Vitiligo on Lips Treatments: Home Remedies and More

Vitiligo is a condition that causes patches of the skin to lose their pigmentation. However, it can also affect other parts of the body like the hair, the inside of the mouth, eyes, and lips. Researchers still aren’t sure what the exact cause of vitiligo is, and it is only present in around 0.5 to 1 percent of the world’s population. There are several vitiligo on lips treatment options you can try to reduce the appearance of vitiligo, and we rounded up the top eight.

1. Ginkgo Biloba

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Vitiligo is widely considered to be an autoimmune disorder, and this is one reason that the herb Ginkgo Biloba could be useful in treating vitiligo on the lips. It has antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties, and this can help slow down the vitiligo’s progression. Additionally, it can also induce your lips repigmentation process.

People with vitiligo are typically recommended by their healthcare professionals to take between 40 milligrams to 80 milligrams of this herb three times per day. It is a good idea to consult your doctor about the exact dosage for this herb, and it can take between four to six weeks before you start to see results.

2. Psoralea Corylifolia or Babchi

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The second natural vitiligo on lips treatment is the herb commonly known as Babchi. The Chinese have used it for thousands of years to help treat skin conditions, and it is an effective treatment for hypopigmentation disorders like vitiligo. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

You can grind three teaspoons of the herb’s seeds into a fine powder and add water to make a paste. Apply this paste to and around your lips and leave it on for up to 20 minutes.

3. St. John’s Wort

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St. John’s Wort is another popular herb that you can use to help reduce the appearance of vitiligo. At its core, this herb works to increase the skin’s photosensitive. In turn, this can trigger melanin production and reduce the appearance of vitiligo on your lips at a gradual pace.

St. John’s Wort is a very popular dietary supplement that you can take once a day, up to 500 milligrams. You can also make a herbal tea and drink it three times a day, or rub it on your lips. Changes should start to be noticeable within 3 to 6 weeks.

4. Green Tea

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Green tea has many benefits for people who regularly drink it, and this includes vitiligo. It has antioxidants as well as polyphenols. Polyphenols have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and these can help reduce the autoimmune response that researchers believe is one of the key causes of vitiligo.

You can drink green tea three times a day, and it a good idea to purchase a slightly more expensive brand if possible. You can also rub the green tea mixture on your lighter patches of skin and leave it on for 20 minutes once a day. It can cause repigmentation in up to 70 percent of your affected skin, but it makes take several weeks before you see any improvements.

5. Copper

copper thermos and mugs

Another home remedy that has been shown to be effective in treating vitiligo is copper. Copper ions can stimulate Melanocytes in your skin, and this can jump-start the melanin production naturally. In turn, this can gradually help to reduce the appearance of vitiligo patches on your skin.

Purchase a copper thermos or copper cookware and store your water overnight at room temperature. This will allow the copper ion to absorb into your water and you can drink it in the morning. You will want to drink this daily, and consider combining it with other natural vitiligo treatments for the best results. Many people report a decrease in their vitiligo patches, and some report that they vanish.

6. Vitamin E Oil

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Vitamin E oil is another extremely popular home remedy for helping to reduce the appearance of vitiligo on a person’s face and lips and softening their skin at the same time. It works to keep your skin hydrated, which can reduce itching, and it has the potential to rejuvenate your skin.

For the best results, you’ll want to apply the Vitamin E oil to your lips up to three times a day. It should take around 30 minutes for your skin to absorb the oil fully, and after 30 minutes you want to wipe what’s left away with warm water. You can also take it in capsule form once a day.

7. B Vitamins

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Studies have shown that many people with vitiligo have low amounts of B vitamins in their systems. These studies also showed that rebalancing these vitamin amounts in your system can lead to repigmentation in some people’s vitiligo. B vitamins are easy to come by as well, and this makes them a popular treatment option.

You can take supplements specially designed for B vitamin deficiency, or you can eat foods that contain higher amounts of them. Things like sunflower seeds, beef, milk, cheese, chicken, liver, fish, and whole eggs are excellent B vitamin sources.

8. Phototherapy

vitiligo phototherapy

This vitiligo on lips treatment is done in a dermatologist’s office, and it takes between 6 and 12 months to see results. Once you’ve had a consultation with a dermatologist, they’ll prescribe you a set up medications that can increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV light. Then they’ll expose your skin to high doses of light to even out your pigmentation levels with twice weekly appointments.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have a very mild case of vitiligo or a more severe one, these remedies can help. Also, you can perform most of them in the comfort of your own home, around your schedule. You can also combine more than one vitiligo on lips treatment, but if you’re not sure it’s best to consult your physician and see what they recommend. You should start seeing results within a few short weeks and be on your way to a more confident, happier you.

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