Top 10 Best Foods for Skin Care from Within: A Short List

Everybody wishes to stay forever young, but what does it imply? Some go to extreme lengths in order to preserve their looks and often resort to risky surgeries. Also, the results are not that convincing and sometimes artificial. However, there are also natural ways of preserving youth which are quite beneficial to one’s health as opposed to plastic surgeries. Consuming a range of particular foods for skin care will help the skin cells regenerate much faster and give you the perfect look you wish for.

As tasty as they are, each one contains active ingredients that possess restorative properties which, in turn, will effectively repair damaged skin cells and layers altogether. Hence, you will benefit from a natural and healthy look, catching everyone’s attention. In addition to all the highly nutritious foods for skin care, you will also be able to pick up on some great tips as to how to maintain your good looks once you get them. All about this in the article below.

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10 Best Foods for Skin Care to Choose from

1. Dark Chocolate

Even though it might sound like a bad idea, chocolate is actually good for your skin. Cocoa, the main ingredient, hydrates the skin and makes it firmer and suppler. This is because it is rich in flavanol, a powerful natural antioxidant. However, the level of flavanols highly depends on how much cocoa has been used in the process of making the chocolate. Hence, consume a couple of squares of dark chocolate with a composition of at least 70 percent cacao.pieces of dark chocolate on a table

2. Sea Algae

Seaweed such as nori and channeled wrack are a great choice of foods for healthy skin complexion and carry twice as much Vitamin C than oranges. Moreover, nori (commonly known as the outer wrap of sushi rolls) contains twice the amount of omega-3 essential oil as two avocados (for the same quantity of food). The high yet beneficial level of fatty acids helps to create a natural barrier on the surface of the skin. Ultimately, this reduces acne and a wide range of other conditions associated with dry skin.

3. Strawberries

Another great choice of best foods for skin care and a delicious treat at the same time is represented by strawberries. Much like seaweed, strawberries also contain higher levels of anti-aging vitamin C than oranges or grapefruits. Hence, people that consume foods packed with vitamin C experience fewer wrinkles and dry skin associated with age than those who pay less attention to what they are eating.

4. Fresh Fish

Omega-3 fats are crucial for a healthy and beautiful skin, free of blemishes. The fish oils are great for protecting the skin cell membranes against harmful sun rays. At the same time, they allow water and other nutrients into the skin while pushing the toxins out. Fresh mackerel, in particular, is one of the best foods for skin care which will boost your complexion in no time, mainly because it is full of docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) acids. These work together to prevent acne inflammation as well as a wide range of other skin conditions.

5. Pomegranates

Antioxidants fight the free radicals in your body and ultimately regulate blood flow to the skin. Pomegranates are known to be a great source of polyphenol antioxidants. You can use most foods for skin care as lotions and pomegranates are not an exception. Either you enjoy eating one a day, a few glasses of juice or squeezing the juice out and applying it straight to the face, the effects are the same. The natural antioxidants moisturize, soften the skin and consequently reduce wrinkles.

6. Walnuts

Even though fresh fish is one type of food highly beneficial for skin care high in omega-3, there is yet another comestible loaded with essential fatty acids. Walnuts make for one of the best foods for skin care and a delicious snack at the same time. Another key aspect is that they also contain high levels of copper, which boosts the production of collagen in the body. In order to improve your complexion’s texture, you can treat yourself to a handful of raw walnuts a day.

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7. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are particularly rich is carotenoids. These active ingredients fight against wrinkles and neutralize free radicals in the skin, similarly to pomegranates. Moreover, the damaged skin cells recover much faster and they also slow down the aging process. This is thanks to the high concentrations of vitamin C, E, and A as well as some powerful enzymes that cleanse the skin. The pumpkin seeds are a great source of fibers and you can snack on them on a daily basis. However, for a bonus of hydration and antioxidants, you can also consume the pulp.

8. Kidney Beans

Some scientists believe that there is a connection between low zinc levels and skin blemishes. However, there are some foods for skin care that will help you regulate the zinc imbalance in the body. Kidney beans, in particular, contain high levels of zinc. In order to prevent blemishes or even cure acne, you can consume about one four-ounce serving of kidney beans a day.

9. Fresh Avocado

A regular intake of vitamin E provides the skin with a boost in both vitality as well as luminosity. For that matter, avocados are a great choice among the best foods for skin care. In addition to high levels of vitamins and minerals, they are also rich in omega essential oils. The mixture of vitamins and fatty acids also acts as a natural sun blocker and protects the skin against harmful UV rays. Also, eating a regular serving of avocado improves the skin cells’ ability to keep themselves well moisturized.

10. Spinach

Leafy greens are usually packed with fibers and skin clearing antioxidants, as well. Some scientists strongly agree upon the fact that spinach, in particular, can fend off cancerous cells. Because it is also rich in fibers, it can keep hunger at bay for quite some time. Many people believe that the folate present in spinach can help repair and maintain a healthy DNA structure, boosting the cells’ ability to renew themselves. Ultimately, the water in spinach, as well as other leafy greens, penetrates skin cells’ membranes and hydrates them properly. Hence, you will experience fewer wrinkles and plumper skin.

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Useful Tips for a Healthy Skin

There are only so many healthy foods for skin care you can introduce in your ever day diet. Staying forever young requires some sacrifices. Since we are on the food subject, let’s talk more about the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. For starters, renounce all harmful habits that you grew accustomed to. Eating fast food on the run equals ingesting large quantities of fats that can later result in acne breakouts or various other skin blemishes. So, try out some of the fruits and organic snacks mentioned on this list and see the results for yourself.

Smoking severely damages elastin and collagen which means that wrinkles will become more accentuated in time. It also decreases blood flow to the capillaries and contributes to developing pale skin. Manage stress levels in order to prevent acne breakouts and other skin related conditions. A healthy state of mind promotes a healthy body. When in the bathroom, avoid strong soaps that could strip oils from your skin and leave it dry. Limit the bath time and shower time and use warm water instead of hot. Also, when you need to dry off, gently pat your skin with a soft towel so that some moisture still remain. Ultimately, use moisturizers that fit your type of skin. For this matter, you can use some natural moisturizers like the pomegranate juice mentioned earlier.

Take-away on the Best Foods for Skin Care from Within

Now that you have all the ingredients to work with, all you have to do is set a balanced diet in place and stick to it. Try to consume these foods for skin care on a daily basis and add a little exercise into the mix as well. Lead a healthy life, away from harmful and potentially life-threatening habits and you will be able to notice the amazing results straight away. Even if it takes a while, keep an open mind and remember not to stress yourself too much about it.

It’s not only about your inner comfort: stress and chronic fatigue can have a negative impact on the skin cells’ regeneration process. So, eat well, sleep well, think mostly positive thoughts and the good things will come your way. Next time you run low on moisturizers or skin lotions, make a trip to the food aisles of your supermarket first. For skin care alternatives, use some tasty foods that also carry health benefits and can help boost your immune system. This, along with a healthy lifestyle will make it difficult for any skin condition to develop in the future.

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