There are a lot of skin treatments and products out on the market today that promise younger, healthier looking skin. Some of these treatments work better than others, some are more costly than others, and some are downright rip-offs. Silk Peel Dermalinfusion facial treatments can help your skin look younger and smoother.

Silk Peel treatments are a form microdermabrasion but are unique in that they do not use crystals and are more gentle. If you have been considering this non-evasive skin treatment, then here are a few pros and cons of silk peel treatments and what you should expect before and after.

How Silk Peel Works

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Unlike Botox and other skin treatments, Silk Peel is a non-evasive procedure. It combines exfoliation with an infusion of serums and topicals that are specifically designed to improve and revitalize your skin. Silk Peel Dermalinfusion uses a patented mechanical system to exfoliate dead skin cells while infusing the topical solutions at the same time.

Exfoliation is a well-known and common method of removing the outermost layers of dead skin cells and resurfacing the skin. Exfoliation treatments can range in variety from a very simple manual treatment that can be done at home to a professional treatment utilizing a machine or chemicals that gently remove the dead skin cells. Silk Peel treatments take exfoliation to a new level with a technology that exfoliates using different treatment tips, but what really sets this treatment apart from others is the infusion of customized vitamins and topicals that are applied to the skin during the exfoliation process.

A full treatment can take 50-60 minutes and begins with a deep cleaning of the area to be treated. While most treatments are done on the face, the neck and chest are areas that can also be treated. After the deep cleansing, a clarifying mask is then applied to remove any impurities in the skin and to help open up the pores. The next step of the treatment process is the application of the customized solutions for your particular skin concerns. These solutions and topicals, which are applied during the exfoliation process, can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns.


Acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and discolorations are few skin concerns that can be helped with Silk Peel because of the customized solutions tailored to your needs. One of the major benefits often reported by many people is a refined, polished look and feel to their skin. After a treatment, your skin should look and feel healthier. In fact, one treatment can increase your skin’s volume by up to 70 percent. This increase in skin volume can visibly decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration.

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Silk Peel Dermalinfusion treatments are not the average type of facial. You should know that they are more costly than a chemical peel or regular microdermabrasion treatments. If you have been planning on a silk peel treatment, then you can expect to pay up to $125 per treatment. Many salons do offer discounts on packages of 5 or more treatments which can save you money in the long run. This is a good option since you may need to have more than one treatment to get the best results.

The Pros and Cons of Silk Peel

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There are many advantages to silk peels, the most relevant ones being:

  • Non-evasive and can be done in 50-60 minutes or a micro-treatment can be done in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Results can be seen after the first treatment.
  • Safe for almost any type of skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles especially after several treatments.
  • Lightens skin pigmentation.
  • Effectively rehydrates dry, sensitive skin.
  • Gives even greater results after more treatments.
  • Patients can return to their day-to-day life, as there’s no downtime.


While the advantages outnumber the drawbacks, you should still be aware that:

  • Can be more costly than other types of facials.
  • Results may not show until several weeks after your first treatment.
  • Requires regular treatments to get long-lasting and more prominent results.
  • People with sensitive skin may experience some discomfort during the treatment.
  • Risk of hyperpigmentation if one does not apply sunscreen after treatment.

Making the Most of Your Silk Peel Treatment

Whether you undergo one treatment or several, you want to make the most of your treatment. One of the best ways to do this is to take care of your skin after your first treatment. Caring for your skin is can involve a change of lifestyle if you really want to take full advantage of your treatments.

Here are few tips to help care for your skin after your treatment:

  • Stop smoking. Smoking can damage skin cells and increase the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Eat healthily. Eating foods high in vitamin C can do wonders for your skin and help decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
  • Protect your investment. One of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and vibrant is to protect it from damage before it occurs. Always wear a good sunblock with SPF to protect your skin from harsh UV sunlight that can damage and age your skin.
  • Regular treatments. To fully take advantage of the benefits of your treatment, you should undergo regular treatments along with taking care of your skin. Over time, the more Silk Peel treatments you undergo, the more and longer-lasting results you receive.

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Precautions to Consider Before Trying Silk Peel

While Silk Peel treatments are non-evasive, there are still a few things you may want to consider before undergoing your first treatment. If you have very sensitive skin, then you may experience some tingling or discomfort during treatment. Furthermore, if you are looking for a major cosmetic fix that will make you look 20 years younger, then a Silk Peel treatment is not for you. These treatments can take years off your face; nonetheless, it won’t happen overnight and it is not a replacement for cosmetic surgery.

Another important factor to keep in mind is cost. To get good and lasting results from silk peel, you need to have several treatments. If your budget does not allow for the cost, then you may want to consider a different type of facial treatment. Alternatively, wait until your budget can accommodate several treatments.

Silk Peel Deramnalinfuison treatments are becoming more and more popular with good reason- it works. While it may be more costly than microdermabrasion or chemical peels, it is a cost-effective alternative to surgery or Botox treatments. The treatments are safe and effective and do provide results for those looking for younger, healthier skin.

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