Sun Damage

Over exposure to the sun is the single most important factor in the ongoing damage of our skin.  It causes the break down of collagen which leads to thinning, wrinkling and sagging.  It also causes sun spots and is considered the single most dangerous factor in...

Subcutaneous Fat

Is the fat layer beneath your skin. Usually, in most places on the body,  it is much thicker than the skin itself.  When you gain weight, this fat layer can expand a lot.


A condition that ranges from very slight.. like rosy cheeks, to the most severe form, where a huge number of matted, broken capillaries and spider veins make the skin of the face very red, inflamed, sensitive, and actually ooze with fluid similar to the fluid in a...

Radiofrequency Device Or Laser (RF)

All lasers emit different frequencies of energy that is naturally found coming from the sun.  Real short waves on one extreme, like x-rays or gamma-rays, and real long waves on the other extreme like radio and radar waves.  Each frequency of energy causes a different...


Is a step by step process for achieving a specific result. Protocols in medicine are extremely important.. A medical practice that has deeply and comprehensively developed protocols, usually means they know what they are doing!