How to Remove Bags Under Your Eyes: 8 Professional Solutions

If you are like most people, you have experienced the puffy, swollen, and red effects of under-eye bags. Whether the bags under your eyes are due to fatigue, genetics, skin conditions, or the natural aging process, figuring out how to remove bags under your eyes can be a concern for men and women alike.

Today’s advancements allow people to choose between a variety of treatment-options for under-eye bags. Below you will find a list of the some of the best solutions for how to remove bags under your eyes, full of professional-grade quality.

1. Hyaluronic Marine Dew It All Eye Gel by Dr. Dennis Gross

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Dr. Dennis Gross is a dermatologist that created his own line of high-quality skincare products. This Dew It All Eye Gel hydrates the skin around your eyes and contains ingredients that minimize puffiness and dark circles.


  • Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Japanese green caviar algae both hydrate and improve elasticity around the eye-area. The Dew It All Eye Gel also contains caffeine, which tightens the skin and minimizes water retention; creating long-lasting results.
  • This gel can improve the appearance of bags for up to 72 hours after application.


  • For its full-effect, you should apply this gel to your eye-area twice daily (in the AM/PM). Consequently, it may be cumbersome for those who are not invested in skincare routines.
  • It does not contain all-natural or hypoallergenic ingredients and could cause skin irritation in those with sensitive skin.

2. Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches by Anatomicals

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These eye patches are recommended by dermatologists to plump up the skin around your eyes, reduce inflammation, and assist in the growth of collagen. The Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer patches are filled with vitamins that also hydrate the sensitive skin around your eyes.


  • Anatomicals’ eye patches are great if you don’t enjoy treating your skin daily. Use them as often or as little as you would like. They are a great option if you are more low-maintenance and trying to figure out how to remove bags under your eyes
  • Each patch contains ingredients like vitamins, green tea extract, and aloe vera, which provide your eyes with incredible moisture and boost your collagen production.


  • One should wear the patches for 30 minutes, so you need to ensure you set aside time for washing your face, wearing the mask, and removing.
  • They are only available in packs of 3, which means you may have to stock up when you see how great they work.

3. Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream by Aveeno

Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream by Aveeno

Aveeno’s Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream can give your eyes a younger and healthier look by visibly reducing puffiness, darkness, fine lines, and even crow’s feet. The Aveeno brand has been creating skincare products designed for any type of skin for decades.


  • The ingredients in Aveeno’s eye cream include vitamins, antioxidants, and other anti-aging elements beneficial for even the most-sensitive skin.
  • Aveeno’s products are affordable and can be easily found in most drugstores, which makes the eye cream a viable option for most people.


  • While the cream is wonderful for sensitive skin, it may not contain the same ingredient strength as more professional solutions. For those who suffer from severe under-eye issues, this may not be an ideal option when considering how to remove bags under your eyes.

4. Ice Roller by Esarora

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Ice has been used since ancient times for its healing purposes, because cold can reduce inflammation and redness, as well as skin-fatigue. The Ice Roller is a handheld device that can be placed in the freezer and applied to under your eyes to relieve the effects of fatigue and redness.


  • Ice-rolling is a great way to get rid of the bags under your eyes in a natural way, without the use of chemicals or medicines.
  • You can use the Ice Roller on the entire face to calm and shrink pores, on burns to reduce pain, and on the neck to alleviate stress.
  • If you are concerned about expense, the ice-roller can save money. It is a one-time purchase, unlike creams and other products. One can use it repeatedly.


  • The Ice Roller cannot be used on any type of skin that is more than moderately damaged. There is a possibility that it could attach to- or harm wounded skin tissue.

5. Seve De Bamboo Eye Matte-Effect Eye Contour Gel by Erborian

Erborian Seve De Bamboo Gel

If you’re someone who needs to figure out how to remove bags under your eyes, but are sensitive to your everyday skincare products, this could be the product to try. Seve De Bamboo energizes and refreshes under-eyes almost instantly.


  • This contour gel is fragrance-free, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.
  • Ingredients used include bamboo sap and bamboo fiber, which intensely hydrate skin and lock in that hydration.
  • The gel also includes a matte finish that helps to soften the appearance of bags.


  • For the best results, apply it twice daily (in the AM/PM). This can be tiresome on busy people.
  • Erborian’s contour gel may not be heavy enough for severe under-eye wrinkles and darkness.

6. Cool Jade Roller by LING Skincare

Cool Jade Roller by LING Skincare

This jade roller is a high-quality product that is great for those wanting to treat their bags without the use of harmful chemicals or procedures. The Cool Jade Roller by LING Skincare uses the power of Chinese medicine to soothe the eyes and reduce inflammation.


  • LING’s jade roller is naturally cooling, without requiring you to place it in the freezer. It can also give you the same benefits.
  • The roller not only can help get rid of your bags, but also relax you and relieve stress.
  • It is cost-effective, since one can use it over and over again after a one-time purchase.


  • While the power of jade is undeniable, it does not contain the same strength (in regards to power) as some of the professional creams, masks, or patches on the list.

7. Genifique Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activating Serum

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Lancome is a top-shelf brand that produces top-shelf skincare products, including this eye serum. The Eye-Illuminating Youth Activating Serum can be used around the entire eye to re-awaken your eyes, reduce your bags and give your skin a luminous appearance.


  • The serum is applied using Lancome’s flexible massage applicator. This makes reaching every crevasse of your eye easy to reach.
  • It can visibly firm skin after an average of 6 weeks.


  • Serums are unlike creams and patches in that they are oilier and absorb extremely easy into the skin. This means that people with naturally oily skin may find it to be too hydrating.
  • Use it in combination with a skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and toning. If you are looking for a low-maintenance option, this may not be the right choice for you.

8. Trinity Toning Device + ELE Attachment by NuFace

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If you are looking for a professional solution that does it all, you should consider the Trinity Toning Device + ELE Attachment. The instrument is approved by the FDA to improve wrinkles, skin tone, and under-eye bags. It uses microcurrents to sculpt and contour the muscles in your face.


  • You can easily see long-lasting results with regular use, but you should also notice an immediate difference.
  • The Trinity device comes with an attachment that helps you get into hard-to-reach spots, like under the eyes.


  • While the tool is easy to use, you will need to use it for at least 5 minutes a day, for 5 days a week.

Final Thoughts

From sun damage and sensitivity, to fatigue and age, under-eye bags can show up without warning and leave you feeling insecure and unhealthy. Luckily, there are a wide variety of ways to minimize or even eliminate those pesky bags. The professional solutions found on this list will have you back to looking and feeling your best.

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