Dermstore: Reviews, Ratings, & More

Dermstore reviews are often positive. Customers rave about the site and leave dozens of reviews. The company offers free shipping, dozens of popular brands, and they give free samples with purchases. Dermstore also has an entire section dedicated to their sales and promotions.

What Is Dermstore?

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Dermstore is an online makeup, skin care, hair care, and beauty online realtor. They offer a variety of items, and the website is divided into several sections: Brands, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair Care, Bath and Body, Naturals, Men, Beauty Fix, Specials, and Blog. Under each drop-down box, the merchandise is further divided into categories. They offer a monthly subscription box that sends its subscribers a mixture of makeup, skin care, and hair products to try. Dermstore also offers a membership program where you can earn points to spend toward products. 

There are many online, and storefront competitors of the website. Ulta, Sephora, and Brand-Specific store fronts and websites, such as Estee Lauder and Urban Decay, are common competitors. Dermstore reviews are positive, but only a comparison can show the truth.

Website Specs

In this article, we will compare Dermstore and Dermstore reviews against 3 similar sites. These sites are, Estee, and All of the links provided will show either specific company items on Amazon, or it will show a general listing of the brand’s products, for an easy comparison process. The website comparison will include pricing, ease of use, quality of design, and a description of their extra perks. The article will conclude with a recap comparison and an overall ranking of each brand site.


Below, the price scaling system will be: one $ for lesser prices, $$ for average prices, and $$$ for high prices. If a site has a wide variety of inexpensive and expensive products, there will be more than one scale marker.

How It Compares

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Pros and Cons will be listed for every website, and in the conclusionall of the websites will be compared and rated 1-5 stars.    

Comparative Product Websites

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[amazon link=”B008DZ587Y ” title=”Dermstore ” /]

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This website has several categories of items, as listed above. Dermstore reviews can be found on their website, to review previous customer thoughts before purchases.

Price Range

The brands available on this website range from drugstore (like Burt’s Bees), to Indie Brands (like Herbivore Botanicals), to high end Brands (like Dr. Brandt). They have skincare, haircare, makeup, natural items, and men-specific items. 

Ease of Website Use

The website is broken down into specific sections. These sections make it simple to find what you are looking for.

Brands: If one seeks a specific brand, the drop downbox of the brand section will give you a small list. There is also a full list of available brands if the “View All” button under “Brands” is clicked. The list is alphabetized, making brand retrieval easy.

Specific Items: Under the sections of “Skin Care,” “Hair Care,” “Bath and Body,” “Naturals,” and “Men,” there are dozens of options you can choose from to refine the search for your items. For example: Under “Men,” you can choose product ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Antioxidants, Biotin, Dimethicone, Vitamin C, etc. Checking the box next to an ingredient will retrieve a list of products with that ingredient.

Design Quality of Website

This site is well made and sleek. It is efficient and user friendly as well.

Extra Perks

Monthly Subscription Box:

Dermstore offers a monthly subscription box that sends full and deluxe sizes of product to your door. The products are a mix of hair care, skin care, tools, makeup, and other items. The items are picked specifically for you, based on the profile you create. For a one time purchase, it is $34.95, and for an auto-renewing subscription, it is $24.95. Each box is, according to Dermstore, worth $100 or more.

Rewards System:The Dermstore reward system is free to join, and with every dollar you spend, you earn five points. The points accumulate, and you can spend them on future purchases.

Dermstore Reviews

Dermstore reviews are overwhelmingly positive.


  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Monthly Subscription box and Reward System
  • User-friendly website


  • Too many brands to choose from if you are just browsing the website
  • Monthly subscription box is expensive

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Price Range

Sephora rarely carries drug store brand makeup, though they had a recent collaboration with the drugstore-priced indie brand ColourPop Cosmetics.

Ease of Website Use is a good website, but it is cluttered. Its advertisements are flashy, and the eye is drawn to too many places at once. 

Design Quality of Website

The website is jam-packed with brands and products. It has a variety of broad category divisions, which makes it more difficult to maneuver for newcomers. 

Extra Perks

Monthly Subscription:

Play! by Sephora is their monthly subscription box. Each month, five samples come to your door for $10. Along with the five samples, you earn rewards points toward your Beauty Insider Rewards Program.

Rewards Program:The Beauty Insider Rewards Program has a series of stages. It is free to join, and for every $1 you earn 1 point. It upgrades after you spend a certain amount of money. If you spend $350 in one year, your program is updated to VIB. In the VIB program, you earn 1.25 points per dollar, and have access to special sales and other benefits. After $1000, you earn 1.50 points per dollar, and also have access to special sales and other benefits, with more details available on their website.

Services:You can sign up for beauty classes, book makeovers in store, and find event information. The events are free to attend, and they offer free beauty classes. Makeovers are free with a minimum purchase, depending on the type of makeover.


  • Inexpensive Subscription Box
  • Rewards Program, with many benefits
  • You can request free samples with your order, up to three at a time 


  • The website is cluttered
  • The points are difficult to earn in the point system
  • They only carry higher price point brands

[amazon link=”B002MSN3QQ” title=”LovelySkin ” /]

[amazon box=”B002MSN3QQ”]

LovelySkin has a distinct division of their product categories. The divisions are: Brands, Skin Care, Makeup, Bath and Body, Hair Care, Tools, MORE, Sale, Blog, and Videos. The website has free shipping on their orders to the United States.

Price Range

LovelySkin has a variety of high-end makeup, skin care, and hair care brands.

Ease of Website Use

It is an easy-to-use website and is simple in presentation. The design is charming, and the blue-white color scheme is fitting for the site. You can choose to shop by product type, skin type, skin condition, and even by the newest products.

Design Quality of Website

The website is put together well, but is an overall lack lustering comparison to other websites. It has fewer advertisements than most other makeup sites, and the design is simple.

Extra Perks

Rewards Program:

When you join the rewards program, you start out as a Silver member. You earn 2% rewards points as a Silver member, or $5 back on every $250 spent. You receive the rewards certificates quarterly. The next tier of their program is Gold. You achieve Gold status after spending $1000, earn 3% back in rewards points, and earn 12% off your favorite products. The next is Platinum, and that status becomes active after you spend $1500. You then earn 4% in rewards points and receive a daily discount of 14%. The last tier is Diamond, and after spending $2500, you earn 5% back in rewards and have a 16% daily discount.


  • The Website is simple
  • The rewards program is good, but only after achieving at least gold status


  • No monthly subscription box
  • Lack luster website
  • Must spend at least $1000 to achieve Gold status in the rewards program

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Estee Lauder is a high end makeup brand and carry only their own products.

Price Range

They are a high-end, borderline luxury makeup brand, and their prices are higher than others.

Ease of Website Use

Estee Lauder’s website is easy to maneuver. They have only their own items, and it is easy to find what you are looking for because of it. Unlike other sites, which have dozens of different brands, with hundreds of different products, Estee Lauder makes it easy to find their products. It is user friendly, with different sections that divide their products into categories.

Design Quality of Website

This website is exceptionally chic, and looks like it is a luxury brand website. The design and atmosphere of the site is aimed at making older women feel beautiful. It is sophisticated and well made. 

Extra Perks

Special Promotions:Estee Lauder has frequent special promotions, and their current promotion is as follows: You can choose a free deluxe samplefor every $25 you spend, with a limit of $150. If you spend $50, you get 2 deluxe samples, $75 to get 3 deluxe samples, $100 to get 4 deluxe samples, $125 for 5 samples, and $150 for 6 samples. All the samples have to be different products, however, so there is no stacking of samples.

Rewards Program:Estee E-List is the Estee Lauder Rewards Program. For every dollar you spend, you earn one point. There are three tiers to this rewards program, and the first is Be Excited+. In this tier, you receive free samples with every purchase, 15% off of one online order, and it is free to sign up.

After you earn 250 points, you ascend to the Be Enthusiastic+ tier. In this, you gain access to product previews, invitations to in-store member events, and online events as well. At 250 points, you earn 20% off of an online order, and at 450 points you earn a free, full sized product, and complimentary engravings on select products.

In the last tier, Be Envied+, you earn free 2-day shipping, VIP event access, a personal beauty advisor, and at 650 points, another free full sized product.


  • Rewards program offers diverse rewards
  • Special Promotions 
  • Easy to use website


  • There is no monthly subscription box
  • Expensive products


woman's face

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Dermstore and Sephora both have subscription boxes. Estee Lauder and LovelySkin both do not have subscription boxes, but they have rewards programs. All four sites have rewards programs.

The Dermstore subscription is more expensive than Sephora’s $10 box, but in the Dermstore box, you get more products. The overall retail value of the Dermstore box is $100. In Sephora’s Play! Box, you get only 5 samples, but that is only $2 per sample at breakdown. In terms of products, Dermstore is the better option. In terms of price, Sephora’s box is better. Play! by Sephora also gives you bonus rewards points in their rewards program.

With the Rewards Programs, all of them are free to join. Both Sephora and Estee Lauder have a point system of 1 point per dollar, starting. Their program tier progressions, differ slightly. With Estee Lauder, you need to spend less money to progress. Their first program upgrade is at 250 points, or $250. With Sephora, one must spend $350 to ascend to the next tier.

Lovely Skin and Dermstore have better rewards programs, point-wise. With the Lovely skin program, you earn a daily discount after the first tier ascension. The Dermstore rewards program is 5 points per dollar, which is five times more than the Estee Lauder and Sephora rewards programs start at. You also can earn rewards points by sharing your purchases on Dermstore with your friends, as well as Dermstore blog posts, and your own Dermstore reviews.

All in all, Dermstore is the best option for rewards point earnings. It is 3.5 points higher per dollar than Sephora’s Rouge point earnings. Dermstore reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and that is because they have a lot to offer their customers. When researching any website, always browse reviews beforehand. You can find Dermstore reviews on their website, or on Facebook.

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